20(20) Things on My Wishlist

This wishlist is different from a regular wishlist where you write down things you hope to buy or have. My wishlist is just a wish-list. Like a list of things I wish I could do or be, you get?

Isn’t that like new year resolutions? Well, it is, sort of but, I’m writing it down as a wish list. So, shsh, don’t ask any questions 🙂

2016 was the last time I made any new year resolutions because honestly, who was I kidding? I couldn’t stay committed, it was so hard for me to, so I stopped and began wish lists instead and honestly, it’s easier, no pressure plus i could do things at my own pace.

Like I said in my last post, starting up this blog (again) was one of the things I wanted to do this year; it was written down in my diary as a wish, among other things. If I hadn’t written it down and just wanted it to be a resolution, I don’t think I’d have started the blog at all.

I was just flipping through the pages of my diary one day and saw the list, I was happy I’d achieved some of the things written, sad and disappointed in myself I hadn’t done some. I saw the “grow the blog” part and sighed.

I was anxious, scared as always and didn’t want to do it (things like this overwhelm me) until I was scrolling through twitter the next hour and saw this tweet (it isn’t in order)

Do it scared

Do it happy

Do it sad

Do it tired

Just do it anyway

Some random tweet

Something like that, I was uplifted instantly. That night, I began my first post for the blog, which was the introduction, I can’t believe it was just last month, it feels like it’s been forever.

So, now, I’m going to make a wish-list for 2020 on my blog this time, since it’s always been in my diary (and will continue to be so ’cause what if I don’t have data one day to scroll down and find this post?)

Wishlist from 2018
  1. Read more and more (from books to articles to amazing blog posts)
  2. Write more
  3. Give studying a fuck at least (Lmao. I really need this one because all the fucks I used to give to studying finished last semester, I’m tired of Uni)
  4. (concerning the blog) Connect with other bloggers
  5. Learn to be time conscious
  6. Cut down on the procrastination
  7. Exercise more and cut down my intake of junk food (or not)
  8. Stop sleeping like a moron any and everywhere
  9. Improve my relationship with God (I’m a Catholic btw)
  10. My relationship with my friends this year has been perfect and I want to keep it that way next year so, in other words, maintain a perfect relationship with my friends, which includes calling them out on their bullshit. You should try it if you don’t do it, it improves the friendship, if y’all are both real with yourselves.
  11. Check up on my family more when I’m in school (very important)
  12. Get out of my comfort zone more (this was part of last year’s wish and starting this blog was like the hugest step and I want to do more of coming out of my comfort zone next year)
  13. Not abandon the blog (Anything can happen, I may want to take a break but I don’t want it to mean the end of the blog, so yeah)
  14. Learn a new skill (Photography was a skill I wanted to learn this year, I’m not all good yet but I want to learn something new next year too)
  15. Be (more) kind
  16. Do (more) good
  17. Try to be happy
  18. Pay attention to my mental health
  19. Be kind to myself (this was part of my wish for this year too)
  20. Expand my knowledge on other things and (a bonus)
  21. Try to work and earn money (I guess)

And that’s everything for now. Whatever wish I remember, it’ll go into my diary.

So, do you make new year’s resolutions and stick to them? If you don’t, how about writing it down as a wish list instead, see how it goes.

If you do stick to your new year’s resolutions though, then you have all my respect, I’d like to be you when I grow up, not many people can do it.

Thank you for reading!

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Season Greetings and Merry (almost) Christmas to you!



  1. See how the wish of starting a blog came true? It means nothing is impossible! And love is the only way ! If you love doing this you will always feel a part of you is missing when you are busy or tired you just find yourself running back and trying to write and come up with ideas! … i loved your wish list! I hope they all come true and Merry Christmas to you fellow introvert human being 💖🙈


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