New Year, Same Old Goals + 2020 Reading Challenge

Happy new year! Yay! We made it into 2020, whole and hearty. I want to believe that this year will bring new hopes, opportunities, dreams, friends, love and so much more for us. Amen? 2019 wasn’t all too stressful for me, if we’re being honest, I was just floating through it, tired of waking up everyday and doing the same things over and over again.

Wake up, take bath, head out for lectures, return from lectures and sleep off due to tiredness and let’s not forget the kind of assignments and projects they give us in the university. Nah, couldn’t handle it and just switched off, let’s just say I was just existing.

The only times I wasn’t existing though, was when I was with my friends, I’m so thankful for the beautiful people who surround me, and, when I was reading a book. I didn’t read much the previous years before 2019. I spent most of my time from 2017-2018, on social media and doing other useless stuff, besides school though. I couldn’t make any time to read books around those times.

Illustration by Nicholle Kobi

In 2018, I managed to read only three books, when the year ended, I was so disappointed in myself. While writing down my wish list for 2019, I included a wish where I hoped to read 20-50 books before the year ended and 2019 has ended.

Did I get to read up to 20 books? No and Yes. Hehe. Let me explain.

I haven’t had a steady reading pattern in a long time, just because I didn’t have enough time (a.k.a I’m lazy). Anybooks and any other e-reader app on devices has happened to be one of the best things in technology, think of all the books you have at your fingertips. But being who I am, if I could afford books in hard copy, I’d totally prefer them to e-books, I’m sorry.

Reading on a laptop or phone can be so draining (and distracting) sometimes. I can’t sniff the pages of an e-book and I most definitely cannot take beautiful pictures of it like the ones I see on bookstagram (inserts orgasmic sigh here). Ah, bookstagram…so glad I stumbled on that part of Instagram. Side note, I’m going to make a blog post about my favorite bookstagrammers, I think you’d love them too.

One of my favourite bookstagrammers on Instagram : @cupsandthoughts

Back to the post, my unorganized reading pattern isn’t something I’m proud of, I have to admit. I start a book, halfway through it, I close it, download another and start it and repeat the cycle. Six year old me is seriously disappointed, she wasn’t like that, every book she had, she attended to accordingly. But look at her, all grown up now, behaving like some book whore. Disgusting.

This is me apologizing to six years old me and promising to (try) be a better reader. In all fairness though, I visited some of those abandoned books and got to finish them, they were really beautiful. The past years, since 2017, I barely read up to five books. So to say, 2018 was the worse, I read only three books, three books! Jesus, I’d become so lazy even at reading books, I didn’t like it.

Anyway, If I should add the books I started reading but didn’t finish, they’d reach 20, believe it. But that doesn’t matter, I’m so happy to say that the books I read last year passed 10! 10! I read about a total of 17 books last year, I felt so proud of myself when I was taking count last year. Whew, I hope to do better this year. I want to read 50 books. I’m not so sure I’ll make it, given how stressful my course is but I hope to beat 20 at least, keeping my fingers crossed.

Okay, besides my 2020 reading challenge, there’s so much I want to do this year that I didn’t get to do last year and I hope to achieve them. There might be a time when I’d have to take a break, not just from blogging but from other things as well because there’s always that one time when you have to give your mental health apt attention.

I’ve been only existing for so long now, I want to start living and I hope 2020 will give me chances to live. To hope, to dream (already doing that, lol), to love more, to do more, to succeed and be more alive than ever.

Happy new year guys. Wishing you lots of love and happiness this year. May all your wishes this year be granted and I hope you get to live all of your dreams and fantasies this year.

Than you for reading!

Oh! Before I forget, I’m currently putting together a list of the books I read last year. I’m not so good at reviews but I’d try my best.

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Have a wonderful day 🙂


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