Goodbye January 2020! + Life Update

Hey guys! It’s me again, lol. Happy new month!

Is there any award for the most inconsistent person on the planet because I think that award should go to me. I wrote a happy new year post last month and just vanished and I’m so sorry and disappointed in myself, argh. Well, the fault isn’t entirely mine though, I resumed school three weeks ago and I haven’t rested ever since. Assignments, quizzes, workloads and everything else school related is too much and God, am I going broke and I just want to sleep for three months straight, I’m tireeed.

Not to mention, last month was a disaster, utter complete disaster. These three stood out from all the disasters.

We almost had a third world war, like it didn’t happen but lives were still lost, may their souls rest in peace.

We’ve had outbreaks of Lassa fever and Corona virus, my heart goes out to every country that’s got it going around and may the souls of the people who’ve lost their lives to these diseases…rest in peace.

Lassa Fever

And finally, Kobe Bryant and every other person on that helicopter that crashed. This is the one that touched me the most.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant (RIP)

This isn’t just about Kobe; when I heard the news last week, I was shocked of course because it was just few days ago a meme of him (Kobe and his daughter) was all of over twitter and had everyone laughing, then next thing we know, he and his daughter! (God) and five other people on board the helicopter are just gone like that?

Like that’s just it? You come into this world and you just go like that? It’s freaking painful yo, and to think his daughter and her teammates, along with their parents, died too. 13 is so young you guys, my heart breaks anytime I think about this. None of them deserved it.

Gianna had so much ahead of her, her teammates had so much ahead of them. It was supposed to be Kobe and her teammates’ parents witnessing the game they were going to play (and obviously win )to cheer them on but what happened? They died. Poof. Gone, just like that but, I do know my grief would never be compared to what Kobe’s wife/ Gianna’s mother and her sisters are going through, it wouldn’t be compared to what her teammates sibling who is now an orphan is going through and it wouldn’t be compared to what the helicopter’s family is going through, none of our grieves would ever compare to theirs and I hope and pray that God would give them strength, every each of them, to bear this pain.

January 2020 was just not it. So many people who didn’t deserve to die died. Everyone has alot to say and I guess I do too but I can’t because I haven’t reached that point of understanding life so I’m just going to leave it at that. I’m hoping that February would be different, very different from January. I’m hoping there’d be more love (ha! Valentine’s) and happiness for everyone instead of death and pain.

Okay, I think that’s all the emotional baggage I wanted to leave off. Happy new month once again! I know I promised to write more this year but honestly, besides my inconsistency and laziness, school really is a problem (Lol). Really, I have lectures everyday from 8 in the morning till around 4/5 in the evening and whenever I return to my room, I’m so drained but, that wouldn’t stop me. Nope, I refuse to just stay there, I made a promise to myself to write more this year and I want to stick to it.

I’m going to see if I can make up a schedule for the blog, this might be tough but I hope I pull it off. I also have to find a way to balance school and this (the blog) or decide if I should just concentrate on school only because who am I kidding? I really do need this degree, my parents money can’t go to waste like that, I owe it to them to graduate at least.

So, that would be all for now. January was trial ft. disaster month. February is a new beginning, let’s give it a try, hopefully it would be beautiful.

Oh! I remember I said I was going to write about the books I read last year, whew. That’s going to be a lot of work; summarizing and reviewing, I think I’d just drop the synopsis and book covers for you guys to see and say one or two things about the books. God, give me strength abeg.

Happy new month! I hope it brings you lots of happiness, peace and love. How have you been and what are you up to? Got any plans for the month?

Thanks for reading!

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