Favourite YouTubers #1

Amidst the pandemic and everything else going on, keeping ourselves distracted or busy with people’s content(s) have been the most liberating thing, even if we don’t know it. I know before all this, we technically use to be on our devices all the time – during class, after, class, not in class, before bed, all through the night, early in the morning and so on. But now, it’s different, it’s more of a necessity than a habit and you cannot blame yourself. Do what you have to do to be sane and if it’s consuming and engaging in/with someone’s content all day and all night long, then welcome to club.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I was going to do a favorite post, concerning bookstagrammers. I thought about it and decided to do not just on bookstagrammers but on other things too. Today, I’d be doing concerning YouTubers. I feel like sharing these amazing YouTube content creators with you guys and hope you’d subscribe to one or two of them. Their contents are amazing, inspiring, entertaining and motivating. You have to check them out at least. Pleaseeee.

So, in no particular order:

Lana Blakely

Lana Blakely

I came across her channel last year and since then, I’ve been a consistent fan (I watch as soon as she uploads, if I’m online). She uploads every Sundays (she doesn’t miss out!). Her content focuses on personal growth, life choices and philosophies, productivity and stuff like that. And her videos are ASMR-ish, she just has this feel about her. You listen to her voice and this overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility just engulfs you. She’s really amazing. You should check her out here.

I’m cyborg but that’s okay

i’m cyborg but that’s okay

Okay, this is my favorite channel so far. It has every aesthetic I love. Sure there are tons of channels out there already, that mash up old movies with soft lofi or indie music but cyborg’s own just stands out. I love watching videos like that but never for once did I think of subscribing until I watched one on cyborg’s channel. It was like love at first sight. I subscribed immediately. The nostalgia her videos give is just really beautiful and everyone in the community is so empathetic. It’s my favorite place to be whenever I’m down (you know, sad songs to make you feel sadder but better in a weird way, hehe). Her editing skills are amazing, her music taste is even more so. 40% of my playlist is from that channel. Well, not many people I’ve met like indie music or lofi and can’t relate with them but if you can then this channel is definitely for you. Just don’t check her out, subscribe too. You won’t regret it.

The Bliss Bean

The Bliss Bean

Beatrice’s (her actual name) content focuses on productivity too, just like Lana and self-improvement. She gives tips/advises on how to stay organized and plan your life/day (aspect). She also has this newsletter you can sign up for where she sends more (bonus) helpful tips and advises. Oh and I love her aesthetic so much. Her feed is one of my favorites on Instagram. Check her out here.

Hiho Kids

Hiho Kids

Ugh. Kids are so adorable. Adorable kids are even more adorable. Hiho kids is a channel that features kids from any background, trying new things or meeting new people. No matter how sad I am, watching any of their videos always brighten up my day. They’re just innocent and full of life and funny! I miss being a kid. So, if you love kids, whether or not you do, you should definitely subscribe to this channel.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina

Jackie Jackie Jackie. I love this song, I love her channel and I’m so completely in love with her. Jackie is a make-up artist but not just any makeup artist, she’s the most awesome make-up artist. I just can’t get enough of her charisma and energy. Jackie is African- American and of Nigerian descent and was once in U.S Army (how cool is that?!) Anyway, Jackie represents people of color in the make-up industry with her videos (and her other social media accounts) and talks about life sometimes. Okay, not just sometimes, every time and she has this way of making things light. As she makes up, she’s dishing out stories or advice or telling us anything random. So check her out (and subscribe). She’s been more active during the quarantine.

This is just the first part guys. I have another one coming! So, check out any or all of the channels I’ve mentioned and see which one you might like. I hope you’re staying safe and are doing okay. Don’t forget to look after yourself, mentally especially.

Thanks for reading.

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