Working Out in Quarantine

Hey guys! Long time, no see. Ah, I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months now since we’ve been in quarantine. Who would have thought? Sigh, this has been some year. Three weeks into quarantine, one of my best friends got me to start a workout routine with her. At first, it was hard, my body ached all over for days but I pushed on, mostly because she was always checking in to see how I was doing and I didn’t want to lie. I liked how committed she was to hers so I knew I had to be committed too.

One week working out, I noticed I liked waking up early actually, whether I got enough rest or not, there was just this peace that comes in the morning when everything and everyone was still sleeping. I liked the feeling, I didn’t have moments like that prior the workout because I was up all night, my siblings too and slept during the day when it was noisy of course. It is a liberating experience, to be one with silence when everyone’s asleep.

I couldn’t give it up so I woke up around 5 or 6 in the mornings for 2 weeks straight. This new habit made me feel better throughout the rest of the day, I didn’t sleep during the day like I used to and I exercised more and liked it! I was stronger and felt healthier.

Image from Dribble

But then, just like any normal person would, I noticed something was off while I was working out, I felt heavier than when I started out and I consulted my friends before I did the internet. Well, the problem was me as it turned out, I wasn’t dieting. Shocker. Lol, I just couldn’t; all that working out left me hungry sometimes and made me eat more than I use to but I wanted changes too, as much as I enjoyed doing the exercises, I knew I wanted changes. So, I rested for a day while I talked to myself to try out dieting for one week, just to see how it goes.

I started dieting. I stopped eating dinner and ate lesser amounts for breakfast and lunch. I still ate snacks but didn’t finish them. While doing all this, a thought struck me. My mom and my dad constantly work out and they both have diets different from ours. While I inherited my dad’s looks, I got my mom’s body, well, I don’t know whose system I got inside of me but the workouts and dieting seem to be working so I adapted my mom’s (diet).

She takes tea a lot and a concoction of lemon, lime and cucumber. Fruits she majorly eats are oranges, bananas, carrot and now we’re in the season of mango, mangoes. She doesn’t take garri or akpu, which I’ve stopped taking too (it’s what we eat for dinner) and she doesn’t drink alot of sugary or soda drinks like I normally would. Let’s say she only takes them 5 times a month, tops. I’m barely home but let’s just go with it. As for other foods, she eats them but in lesser amounts. I’ve adopted this diet, not all of it at the moment. I can’t resist Coke, Pepsi and the likes but I’m hoping to get there soon.

So far since the dieting, I don’t feel heavy anymore. I noticed my stomach doesn’t bloat as much, it’s not flat though. I still got love handles and fupa and all of that. It will soon be a month since I started working out, if you told me I’d have stayed committed to it 2 months ago, I’d laugh you in the face and chug a bottle of coke while trying to open a box of cupcakes I just bought. If it weren’t for the quarantine, I guess I wouldn’t have.

I’m not as consistent as I was last week and the other weeks before but I haven’t stopped entirely either, I love how my body is getting used to this and it made me realize that exercising/working out is so much more than wanting a certain body type. An article I read a while ago said it’s more of a lifestyle than a means to an end and yes, that’s what I see it as too. It takes a whole lot of commitment and besides my friends and family, there isn’t much I’m committed to, at the moment. I’ve made up my mind to start gyming when all this is over and it’s safe to, my friend has been bugging me about it for months.

I’d like exercising/working out to be a constant in my life, it makes me feel energetic and not so lazy. I’m hoping I can extend that energy to other aspects. I probably wouldn’t reach my ideal body yet, what with all the coke and cake and ice cream I can’t give up but exercising has plenty of other rewards so, yeah, I’ll keep at it.

Chloe Ting

I started out working out with just sit-ups, pushups, some squats and jogging in the morning, they weren’t enough though. My friend told me to check out Chole Ting’s videos on YouTube, she’s a fitness/exercise and health enthusiast. When I did, I immediately fell in love with her. Her charisma is everything. Starting out her workouts were a bit tough but I got a hang of it, they’re totally worth it. You should check her out here, if you don’t know where to start. She has so many videos for any workout you’d be interested in. I do only six of hers at the moment.

So, if you’ve been working out lately, I want to let you know that it gets better, I promise. You won’t start seeing physical results immediately but you’d start to feel better in areas you didn’t know you were ill at. Exercising isn’t for everyone, I guess, so if it doesn’t bring you any sort of satisfaction or happiness after a month or so, just let it go but I didn’t write all of this just to be on your side. Get your ass on a mat and try one more time. Try again and again and if you don’t feel better anytime soon, you can hit up anytime and give me a piece of your mind 🙂 Go easy though ^_^

Thank you for reading.

I hope you’re being safe wherever you are.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the beautiful illustrations used in the post.


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