My Favourite Bloggers #1

Hey guys! This post is probably long overdue but it’s better I write it now than keep stalling.

For a very long time, even before I’d started blogging again, I’ve been reading other blogs and fallen in love with quite a few. When I started blogging again, I’ve always wanted to share my favourite bloggers on here because I really love them and the content they put out and the way they engage with other bloggers/readers. The blogging community so far, I’ve realized is nothing but inspiring, motivating and fun (I promise, it just takes a little while to realize this). I also think it’s a safer space outside of social media where people are respectful and have great conversations while trying to be understanding.

These bloggers I’m about to list have inspired me with their content and as a person, generally. They make me want to be better at blogging and other things and I’m so glad I got to discover their blogs. They put so much effort into it that I can’t help but appreciate them, so let me introduce you to some of them if you don’t follow or are subscribed to them already. I’ve linked their blogs alongside their names so check them out when you can.

AdenaConfessions of a Sassy Teenager.

One of the brightest sides to this quarantine is discovering other creatives (bloggers, writers, photographers and so much more!). I found Adena’s blog during the quarantine and so far it’s been wonderful. Adena blogs about Lifestyle, books, fashion, and lots more. Her posts are so relatable and I realized we had a few things in common. I love the way she writes (she’s a poet too!) and how real and vulnerable she can be with her words. The way she interacts with her followers is also something I admire. She has also been supportive since the day I met her (online) and is so kind and thoughtful. Adena is on a break at the moment but you can check out her blog here and her Instagram here, I love her feed so much. It’s so aesthetic and organized.

New LuneNew Lune

I think I must have read a post on her blog once, before I started blogging again but didn’t follow her at that time, which means I was missing out on great content but thank God I noticed her blog again. She shares tips, advises, and guides on life and blogging, beauty, and anything else. You’d think it’s just another lifestyle blog but I promise you her posts have depth and would add value to your life in one way or another. Her consistency and devotion to putting out great content is really admirable and inspiring and even though she’s written a few posts on tips and hacks on how to achieve that, I’d always wonder how she does it. Besides blogging about life and beauty, she’s also into illustration art which is amazing! I love looking at the artworks on her Instagram page. Check out her page here.

Pooja GLifesfinewhine

It’s been a month since I started following her blog and it’s been another great find during the quarantine. Her blog typically covers every niche I can think of which is a relief because I don’t know if I can stick to one topic for a lifetime (is this advisable?). She writes on everything mental health, blogging tips/advice, lifestyle, and lots more. Her posts are inspiring and funny, sometimes. Besides writing on her blog, she’s also very supportive of other bloggers and interacts with every one of her followers. I love love her six-word stories. Check them out here, she’s actually made me think about writing some too. So thank you Pooja, I hope I’ll get as good as you are. Check out her Instagram here.

MaryamInfinitely A Daydreamer

Like her blog implies, she’s infinitely daydreaming and wouldn’t stop anytime. I discovered Maryam’s blog early this year and it’s been exciting. The one thing I love about all and any of her posts is her writing. She has such a way with words I admire. She writes about wellness, creativity, travel, life, fashion, and other things. Her Instagram page is what I’d like mine to look like some time, aesthetic and organized, just like Adena’s. Check out her Instagram here.

CathCups and Thoughts

I’’ve mentioned Cath’s blog and bookstagram account like 3 times now on my blog before now because I just can’t help it. Her aesthetic is everything. The feel her blog and Instagram page gives me is something I can’t identify yet but looking at her pictures delights me. On her blog, she writes on productivity, books, journaling and bit of lifestyle. I love the tips and advise she dishes out on productivity and also some of the books she reviews. It’s because of her I want to start reviewing books actually and introduce bookstagram into my account (I can’t create a separate account for it because I have other accounts and I actually forget about them sometimes). So, I should be thanking Cath for being such an inspiration. Check out her Instagram here.

Every blogger I’ve mentioned here have all impacted me one way or another and I feel they’d continue to do so. Isn’t it so amazing that some of them write on nearly the same topics but differently and in their own style and voices? If there’s anything I’d take from this, it’s that you can blog about whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if someone else has blogged about it before. Yes, they have but they didn’t do it the way you would. I hope you find someone new here to follow or subscribe to. You can also check out their Instagram pages (I’ve linked them!!).

I have another set of favourite bloggers to write about and it would be published soon. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found someone new to follow.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know in the comment section, I love discovering new blogs! Hopefully, I get to write more lists.

Thanks for reading.

 Stay safe.


  1. This is such a wonderful post and a great way to support other bloggers you like! I am so honoured that you added my blog to this list and thank you so much for all the kind things you said! Also you should definitely try the six word stories- they are so fun to write.

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