My Favourite Bloggers #2

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well today. I just watched Wall-E for the first time and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it until now, it’s such a beautiful, thought provoking movie.

In my last post, I said I was going to share the second part on my favourite bloggers. Well, here we are. Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here. Again, these bloggers like the ones I mentioned before, inspire me with their content and creativity. It’s so much fun and exciting, reading what they put out here and the effort they put into it, you can literally feel it. I hope you get to check out their blogs.

CassieCassie Daves

Cassie Daves

I’ve been reading Cassie’s blog since 2017, yes, before blogging again. Even though I wasn’t blogging much or at all back then, I was still invested in reading other people’s writings but I was lost and dying to read something from someone in Nigeria, too. So, I looked up Nigerian bloggers on google and Cassie’s blog popped up first. Cassie is a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger. She also shares tips on blogging and other things as well and is really open. I love the vulnerability in her writings and her aesthetic as well. Like me, Cassie is also introverted (but I already figured that many bloggers are). It’s just that being an introvert here can be demanding sometimes so reading Cassie’s posts and her sharing her struggles sometimes inspires me to keep going. You should definitely check out her blog. Check out her Instagram here too.

MarlindeStudio by Marlinde

Studio by Marlinde

I found Marlinde’s blog through her Instagram early this year and it was just one more blogger I didn’t know I needed in my life. Marlinde blog focuses on positivity, lifestyle and fashion. She’s currently rebranding her blog but she’s very active on her Instagram and her posts are always so inspiring and thought provoking. There are so many issues she sheds light on with her platform, especially on body positivity and mental health. I love how cohesive her feed is. Check out her Instagram page here.

DaisyDaisy’s Corner

Daisy’s Corner

If you weren’t following Daisy before now, you wouldn’t know she had a different name before Daisy. She was previously going by the name Sophie Amara and her blog, Sophie’s corner. It was just weeks ago Daisy revealed her actual name and changed her blog’s name. I don’t think it matters whatever name she chooses to go by, her posts have always been inspiring and fun to read. She blogs on positivity, lifestyle and productivity. She has a series on her blog, the Happy Hour, where she interviews small bloggers and I think it’s a very nice thing she’s doing to get them more recognition. She’s also created a YouTube channel which is just as great as her blog is. I’ve been following her for a while now and witnessing her growth has been such an amazing thing to witness. Check out her Instagram here.

Gottfried Banter Republic

Banter Republic

Gottfried, he has such a way with words. Do you know the level of skill it takes to be funny, with words, as in, no funny faces, hardly any emojis, just plain ol’ words. Gottfried does this so effortlessly and I’d always wonder how he does it. Just like his blog name states, his posts are mostly bants on different aspects of life and how shitty being a human being can be sometimes. While his posts are particularly funny, I enjoy his cartoons and the advises he leaves at the end of each one. Gottfried’s sense of humor is where I want mine to be, tbh. If you’re looking for a good laugh and not feeling happy generally, take a stop at his blog, you’re going to be smiling in no time. And remember, it’s just bants. Check out his Instagram here.

BethBeth Lucy

Beth Lucy

I discovered Beth’s blog during the quarantine too, through her Instagram. She blog covers travel, lifestyle, fashion and books. Her travel posts are so very detailed and entertaining to read, they increase my bad case of wanderlust but I can’t stop reading them. Well, one thing I know is that they’d help me if I ever get to visit the countries she’s written on. Beth is also very supportive of other bloggers and has a club, the blogs’ club, where she writes about other bloggers and gives them more recognition. Besides that, she also gives tips on growing your social accounts and I think they’d be really helpful for anyone who’s looking to grow any of their accounts. Check out her blog and her Instagram page here.

SophieThe Brain of Sophie Jane

The Brain of Sophie Jane

I found Sophie’s blog early this year. Her blog is more like a personal diary where she expresses herself and writes on things concerning her life and other aspects. Her writing is so beautiful to read, it’s like you can feel her soul in her words ( I hope this isn’t creepy). She doesn’t post often but I always read her posts whenever she uploads them. Check out her Instagram page here.

I’m hoping this wouldn’t be the last post I’d be doing concerning this topic because I know I’d find more bloggers to fall in love with. Currently, these are the ones (also referring to the previous post) I’m very well invested in and love so much. From the content they put out here to the way they express themselves and them as a person, generally (even though I don’t know them), I’m always inspired by all of it and I admire them for it. I hope you find someone new to read and interact with.

Let me know who your favourite bloggers are at the moment.

Thanks for reading❤.


  1. I love both Beth and Daisy’s blogs, I’ll have to check out the others! I love seeing posts like this, where you hype up other bloggers. It’s so heartwarming. Will there be a part three? x

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  2. Cassie Daves has always been an all time fav for me too. will definitely be checking out these people too. Lovely post


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