Six Word Story #1

Featured Image by Ani Ovsoyan on Instagram.

Ah, look at you. You’ve grown.

This is my first six word story, inspired by Pooja at lifesfinewhine. I said earlier I couldn’t wait to start writing them. This is my first attempt so bear with me😅.

I attended a boarding school so I was barely home. Whenever I was home and we had a visitor, usually one of my mom’s friends, they’d look all surprised at me and tell me I’ve grown so much. Even if they’d just seen me the past year. It used to make me feel old back then but now, they go right ahead to add that I’ll soon get married when I graduate uni and it makes me feel young, so much young.

I’m just twenty and I think they should just calm down a bit. Times have changed, being married anytime soon is definitely not on any of my lists at the moment😐.

Do (older) people tell you the same thing too? How do you feel when they do? Also, is being married anytime soon something you’re looking forward to?👀

Thanks for reading. Oh and a Happy New Month to You. I hope you have a beautiful one.

Stay safe.


  1. Yeeesss! They do😂😂 buh it doesn’t make me feel old, really 😂 Let’s say I feel more matured 😌.
    Looking forward to getting married soon? No😂 In as much as I don’t like the chores at home 🤧,I don’t think I want to leave yet

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  2. Story of my life 😄
    I’m never going to understand the need people have to start bringing up marriage as soon as girls get to their final year in uni.
    It just amuses me because I know it’s not happening anytime soon. I’m still a baby girl. 😩

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  3. I’ve pretty much stopped growing now, but I used to get told I’d grown all the time! Now it always happens to my younger brother.😂 I think it’s a typical grandparents or Mum’s friends thing to say.🤷‍♀️🤣 It never made me feel old because I grew so quickly when I was young; I’ve hardly grown since I was 13!
    I guess I am looking forward to getting married, but I’m only fifteen; I don’t want to be married until at least 10 years have passed. I’m still young!😫

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  4. Contradicting what i have always expected as i’m an Arab, talking to young girls abt marriage is super normal but really i have never heard it frm my family and i’m loving it honestly lol 😭🤣


  5. Thank you and Happy New Month to you too! I got that a lot during my boarding school days although it was never about weight but rather height.
    Pooja is an awesome blogger, I like that she’s been able to inspire you and I love how you’re spicing things up with the little backstories. Don’t stap!

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  6. Thank you so much for the shoutout and I am so glad you decided to post this six word story! I study abroad so whenever I come back home I get that as well and some people do say you’ll get married soon but I’m just like… nope I won’t haha…

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