Six Word Story #2

I can’t hear you, speak up.

If I got a dollar for any time someone said those words to me? I’d be over the top rich. I have a very low voice. Growing up, I thought it was because I was little and therefore, should sound like that. While I’m grown now and still growing, my voice isn’t too low but it gets really micey (new word folks) when I’m talking in front of a group of people (who I’m not comfortable with) :/ and I have to talk in front of a group of people through out my stay in uni unless I won’t graduate.

I didn’t know my course came with presentations, I only thought that all we had to do was work with sheets and our laptops and show them to our lecturers not in front of the entire freaking department. My God, what was I thinking? So, my first time presenting my work, I was told that my voice was too low and it’d cost me some marks. Same thing the 2nd presentation.

The only thing that has been saving me from not failing the course is how neat my graphics are which I’m thankful for but I can’t keep depending on that. Anytime I give myself a pep talk before a presentation and then get in front of the jurors and the other students, I become tongue tied. It’s a miracle I don’t collapse from all the staring.

The first time I spoke in front of more than a 100 people, I was 14. (for context: I was in the Press and Research club and had to read the news for the day). I was shaking, the paper I had in my hands was shaking and my voice was already gone. The teacher beside me asked me to speak louder, everybody on the assembly ground was quiet. I tried my best to raise my voice but couldn’t so the girl holding the mic for me had to put it into my mouth😂. I glared at her and she backed off a little. When the students started to make noise, I spoke up a little because I knew nobody was paying attention.

I realize I speak up more online than I do in real life and it’s different because nobody can see me and I feel a little confident. I wish it could be the same in real life, not just because I want to up my grades but because speaking up, in front of people isn’t going to end if I leave uni. I’m definitely going to be doing it when I’m out, I’m sure and I can’t avoid it. Believe me, I tried back in secondary school and it didn’t work.

This is more like a rant than a post and I was hoping someone could relate. Do you get anxious when you’re asked to say something or give a speech in front of people who you aren’t comfortable or familiar with? Are you often asked to speak up? Do you wish you can speak in front of an audience without choking on your anxiety? I know I do.

How have you been today? I was at the market for an hour, walking around because I didn’t know who to speak to and describe what I was looking for. As luck would have it, a kind lady noticed my frustration and helped me out. I got directions to where I’d buy it and got back home. Don’t let your anxiety keep you from buying things guys. This is also a note to myself.

Thank you for reading.
Take care and stay Safe.


  1. I remember going through such situations when asked to do presentations. I would just want to get over with it quickly. 😁But I guess you get accustomed to it when you get frequently called for doing such presentations. 😄

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  2. I get super nervous when I have to speak in front of a crowd. That is why I like group presentations because I can hide behind others (yes I said it😩). But then I know that can’t be my forever mood😩

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