Spam Comments Aren’t Always Spam

I wanted to write this some time last week but I thought it wasn’t that huge of a deal and decided to leave it but reading Renard’s post yesterday ( 7 Things That Send Bloggers Crazy) I realized that a few people knew about the problem and were handling it while others didn’t and were just getting informed for the first time. So, I just wanted to put it out there, in case there was some one else who wasn’t aware, even if it were just one person.

I never paid much attention to my spam comments folder like that until sometime two weeks ago, when I accidentally tapped it, out of mere curiosity. The first few comments I saw were indeed spam but when I scrolled down a bit, I noticed a few comments that were actually genuine and not spam, those comments were probably a week old around that time and I felt bad they’d been there all that while.

I immediately approved them and replied them and thought that was the end of it but a few days later, another thoughtful genuine comment ended up in my spams and if I hadn’t thought about checking it that day, I wouldn’t have known it existed. I thought I was the only person encountering such problem until someone replied my comment from a week ago and apologized, saying it was in her spam folder. I told her it was no problem and that I had the same problem too. Well, it happened again and yesterday was the fourth time, from Cookie Girl on Sky and Soil and that’s when I decided to write this post.

I’m not tech-savy so I don’t know how to avoid the problem entirely but I thought informing you guys and making you aware of it might help. Someone commented on Renard’s post that she checks her spam folder everyday and I do too, I think that’s the only way I know of handling it. Renard suggested that marking genuine comments as not spam will avoid them ending up in spam again, and that has worked for me too but new (not in the sense of the word) bloggers might probably leave comments and they could end up there, that’s why I check it everyday, which can be frustrating but still worth it. A few people wouldn’t need this but if you’ve always wondered if there could be more comments on your posts, check your spam folder :).

I also have another problem with WordPress, I can’t link sites and pages on pictures anymore. If you noticed from my recent posts, the captions in my pictures aren’t linked, if anybody knows how I can fix such problem, please let me know. If you also know how we can avoid genuine comments ending up in the spam folder, please let us know, too.

This post was one of the first posts I read from Pooja when I started following her and I think I’ve started having two problems on the list, just in the space of a month of being consistent. Haha. Check it out when you can. Things That Bloggers Find Frustrating

Don’t forget to check out Renard’s, incase you missed it up there 🙂 7 Things That Send Bloggers Crazy

Have a great week ahead :).

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.


  1. Spam on WP is quite annoying because sometimes it lets the spam through and sometimes actual comments are categorised as spam. I have no idea how to fix this issue and I check my spam folder every 2/3 days just to make sure no comments are stuck there- they always are some. Great post and thanks for the mention!!

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  2. Thanks a lot for this post. I’d never bothered until now and I’m so glad I did. I had 3 pending comments that weren’t spam! If you do get a solution to the issue, I’d love to see it.

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  3. Funny story!!!
    I don’t usually check my spam but after reading this post, I did and guess what I saw? I saw two of your comments on my blog, in my spam.
    It’s crazy😂😭😭.
    I’ll start checking my spam regularly. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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    1. Lol, well, from what I’ve said, I’ve been there. I thought it wasn’t something serious but after reading Renard’s post, I decided to write about it.
      That’s what I do too, I hope there would be a way to fix it but until then. It was my pleasure😊. Thank you for reading

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  4. I can’t stand notifications and unseen comments etc. so I started checking and discarding spam comments early on. I always knew about this problem and frequently go through my spam comments. Didn’t know that others didn’t know about it. Glad you’re sharing the info!

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  5. You just hit the nail on the head! To be sincere, a number of legit posts may be laying low in the spam folder for as long as possible and that’s why I check em as frequently as I can.

    For your link problems, I think you can try three things.

    1. Edit your blogposts on the wordpress app.
    2. Edit your blogposts on your internet browser.
    3. Switch between the Classic and Block editor and try linking photos.

    Ada, I hope it works.


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