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Welcome to Introvert Next Door. My name is Ada and I’m just your not-so typical introvert from Nigeria. I feel like I don’t fully know who I am yet but I’ve come to love a few parts of me I’ve learned about over the years and am struggling to love some other parts.

I created this blog, for the third time again around September 2019, to give myself another chance at it because I felt like it was something I really wanted to do and I’m glad I didn’t give it up. I’ve also created it to connect and interact with people who are or would be interested in the same topics as me and I hope to inspire or motivate someone along the way.

Books, music, photography, movies, reading and basically anything arts or creative are few of my interests. Introvert Next Door is a lifestyle, personal blog that focuses on these interests as well as my personal life experiences. As I keep growing and evolving, my interests would likely change and I’d also love to write about them. At the moment of writing this, I only recently became consistent at blogging and I know it’s because of the pandemic. I hope I don’t burn out anytime soon and when schools start normally again, I hope to balance my time with studying and blogging.

Thank you for visiting my little corner on the internet, please stay a while longer through this journey with me.

You can find me on Instagram – @introvrtnxdoor

Let’s connect!


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