Half of 2020 Favorites: Movies I’ve Watched

Hey guys!

It’s been ages since I last posted, this consistency thing is really a problem for me, I’m sorry😔. I hope you’ve been doing fine and sleeping enough, I know I have😐.

Today, I’m sharing movies I watched during the half of 2020, the ones I truly enjoyed out of the others. Some of them are horror/thriller and the others funny or romantic. I don’t usually watch movies “normal” people would watch, my friends tell me but it doesn’t matter, this post is for the not so normal people I guess🌚.

They’re in no particular rank or order.


A girl and her friends were invited to Sweden to witness a ceremony that takes place over there. The girl’s sister had killed herself and her parents so she really needed that. Well, I don’t know what I was expecting, no, I do know. I was expecting the movie to be all creepy and scary because that’s what I was looking for (I love horror movies). Anyway, the movie was so much more than that, it was so refreshing it didn’t stick to certain horror movies trope. Most of what was happening was in broad daylight and there were hardly any jump scares and such. This movie must have probably given me PTSD lol, I was almost sick for 2 days 2 months back and I kept having recurring nightmares about the movie and ended up not sleeping because I didn’t want to see those images in my head anymore. I recommended it to by friends after watching it a while back, before the whole corona thing, just 2 out of 9 of them didn’t get the point of the movie. I don’t want to drop any spoilers but let me just put it out without spoilers; The festival they had been invited to is actually a sort of ritual and their friend who’s from there brought them as offerings so it seems. That’s all I can give you, pay attention to details and the paintings in the movie, they help explain some certain things. Please love it, if you don’t like creepy stuff then don’t love it or watch it.

Daniel Isn’t Real

Imaginary friends are always scary when it comes to horror movies man but this one wasn’t scary, it was uglaay. But we find out at the end he isn’t actually an imaginary friend but parasite who’s been traveling for years, tormenting the mind and souls of his hosts. He either has to take over them completely or kill them in end if they resist him.


Gah, I’m a sucker for period drama movies and I’m so happy they’re still being made. This might probably be one of my favorite period drama movies, I loved it so much. It’s based on a Jane Austen novel of the same name and it’s about a rich woman, Emma who loves to involve herself in match making her friends and possibly family and doesn’t have any intention of ever getting married because she can’t live her father alone. Ah, but love, you know🤧. Check it out, it’s light-hearted and really funny.


I feel bad I didn’t watch this last year when it came out but it’s never too late😄. This movie was really emotional for me, I cried and laugher and groaned at some scenes. The movie is about two families, a rich and poor one and how different life is, for both families. It’s a really great movie.

Knives Out

I don’t know if it’s just me but this movie gave me a bit of Murder on Orient Express vibe but it was funnier and more exciting. This movie has a stellar cast and they didn’t fail to give a wonderful performance. The movie is hilarious, very much and thrilling too. It’s got a nice plot twist I didn’t see coming


Classic victim turned bully/villain movie. A girl who was made fun of and ridiculed in high school grew into a woman who’s creepy and still stuck in the past. Because of what had happened to her as a girl, she became obsessed with the children of her bullies while sticking out for revenge for what they had done to her. The children realized early on that something was wrong but it was almost too late for them, emphasis on almost. Every scene kept me on my toes.

The Half Of It

So, a guy hires a girl to write letters for him so he’d get the girl of his dreams. In doing, the girl (he hired) begins to see his dream girl in a different light and eventually started to fall for her😄. The movie is funny and heart breaking and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The Photograph

Do you know I rate movies according to their soundtracks? Who am I kidding? A lot of people do and I happen to be one of them. The songs and music and every sound in this movie is perfect. PERFECT. The romance was too and that was what I was looking for actually but the music, the music made everything better and also the photography, I liked the way the vintage tone of the movie was and the colours.

Ready or Not

This movie. I feel really bad I had expectations for this movie because they weren’t met, they gave me so much more, much more than what I had in mind. It’s a thriller-horror movie where a family hunts the partner of their off-springs to keep a pact alive. Our heroine in this movie is badass, I loved her and I loved the humor and dark comedy, I was either laughing or whimpering in pain for Grace but she won in the end and that was refreshing.

Train to Busan

I downloaded this movie because I hadn’t watched a good zombie movie in a really long time, sorry, in three months. The movie was great, really, but I was a crying slobbering mess at the end. Love (not in the romantic sense) and family is a great theme in this movie. I loved how the characters and everyone invovled in making this movie didn’t sacrifice the zombies apocalpyse theme of the movie and were still able to send a strong messgage about loving and caring for others. I heard there’s going to be a release for a sequel and I can’t wait.

How amazing are these posters?🤧

Have you seen any of these movies? Did you enjoy them? Can you list any movie you’ve enjoyed watching? I’m looking for new recommendations because I don’t know what to watch anymore.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I’ve watched most of these movies too! I especially liked parasite! It’s just so well made from the message to the acting! Ugh! it deserved all the awards it received! Anyway, nice post! 🙂

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  2. i watched ready or not and i was spooked at first but its a really great movie to be frank. and i love the ending when grace just sat there when the fire was blazing great movie

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