Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hey guys! How are you all doing?

I got nominated for another sunshine blogger award by Rez Scribblez who’s an amazing blogger. She writes poetry on her blog and I enjoy reading them, Someone’s Got An Attitude seems to be my favourite at the moment, check it out and also visit her blog here. Be sure to give a follow so you don’t miss out on all her beautiful poems.

So, I thought answering these questions would be fun and I think it’s another sort of a way to get to know me since I haven’t done a “Get to Know Me” or “Facts About Me” posts, which I promise to do in the future. So, let’s get to it :).

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked of you.
  • List the rules and include the award logo(s)
  • Write a new list of questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers

My Answers to Rez’s Questions.

What Word of Wisdom Would You Pass Onto Your Childhood Self?

Illustration by Frank Morrison

Have all the fun you want to, you’ll never get to be a kid again. Also, adulthood is a scam.

What’s One Thing You like To Do in a Day That Makes Your Whole Day Happy?

Illustration by Illustration315 on Instagram

Hmm, I guess it would be relaxing uninterrupted, by watching a movie or reading a book.

If You Have Superpowers, What Would it Be and How Would You Use it?

The Art of Heikala

I’ve always wanted to be invisible, just to get away from others and live life how I want to, never thought about using it for anything else, besides that. But, if I was going to use my superpowers to help other people, I’d use it to make the lives of bad people (corrupt politicians and the sorts) and rapists, miserable by silently taunting them 🙂 which would in a way, make the lives of other people better.

What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Image from Pinterest

I have this massive fear of heights, I’m surprised I haven’t thrown myself off a tall building before, just to be done with the feeling.

When You Were Growing up, What Was Your Dream Job? Is Any Part of That Still True?

Illustration from Tumblr

Omg, I had so many things I wanted to be growing up, haha. At maybe my early years, from 6-8 years old, I wanted to be a lawyer, just like my dad. I used to think it was cool and I’d usually try on his cloak and hat when he was away. Then at 10-11/12, I think I had this brief obsession of wanting to be a scientist and archaeologist, I’d spend all day reading history and stories on Encarta kids and the website (does anybody remember the program?) and I’d borrow books that had step by step practicals on how to make crystals and such, I remember feeling powerful when I’d created some but that obsession died down rather quickly. At 12-15, I wanted to be an artist/painter and writer since I loved drawing and painting things, even though I wasn’t practicing much and because I loved to read and wanted to write my own stories.

While I don’t think much about them anymore, I guess some parts of it haven’t died yet. I was 16 when it was time to decide what I wanted to study in the university, since I wasn’t in the art department, I almost picked Computer Science, since I liked being around computers and wanted to enlighten myself more on them but I remembered Architecture was also a course I’d choose as a science student and then went for it because I really wanted to know how buildings were formed and I get to be practical ( I like using my hands!) and that’s where I’m at now, having a love-hate relationship with Architecture, it isn’t as easy as I thought but I’m trying my best.

So, are any parts of my dream job still true? Like do I still dream of them? Not really and I guess it’s got a lot to do with growing up and changing, you won’t always be the same person.

Are There Any Apps on Your Phone You Can’t Live Without?

The music app on my phone and google lol. Do you know how dumb I’d be if it wasn’t for that app?

What’s the Last Movie that Made You Cry? Or Laugh Aloud?

Back To The Future

Back to the future made me laugh my ass off, I saw it last week and I’d forgotten how funny it was.

What’s Your Go-to Comfort Food?

Fried Plantain, always.

What’s the Next Trip You Have Planned?

Image by Mossonyi on Instagram

I’ve never planned a trip in entire life, I’m hoping to change that when I graduate uni though.

If You Could Have Any Type of Animal for a Pet, What Would it Be?

A dog! We’ve got a cute little pup and I love him so much. I can’t wait to have one that would fully be mine though 🙂

Who has Been the Most Influential Person in Your Life and Why?

Illustration by Nicholle Kobi

My dad. He’s the kindest person I’d say I’ve known my whole life, while he haven’t sat me down and told me to be kind to others, his actions tell me so. He’s so kind it irritates my mom sometimes, lol. My dad has always been kind to people, whether he knows them or not and it’s just like a reminder to me, to be to kind to others too because I don’t know what’s going on in their lives and the world is already sick enough, so maybe they’d need it.

I enjoyed answering these questions. Thank you so much for nominating me Rez! I nominate any one who’s reading this and thinks that answering these questions would be fun, too. I’d love to see your answers, please share them with us.

Thank you for reading <3.

Stay safe.


  1. Congrats on your Sunshine Blogger Award and I enjoyed reading your responses especially the Encarta part. I played around that app as a kid and I can remember that I’d tour popular destinations in the virtual menu or so. It was a great way to learn really.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am seriously salivating from looking at that fried plantain picture. I crave fried plantain a lot. It’s sad I’m reading this at midnight… would love to eat some now!!!!😭💔

    Congrats on your award friend! 💚

    Liked by 1 person

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