Six Word Story #4

It costs nothing to be kind.

Hey guys. I hope you guys are doing great! I’ve been in a kind of funk lately and have been feeling overwhelmed as well but I’m trying to keep it together.

These six words are self explanatory, aren’t they? If you’ve read my second sunshine blogger award post, you’d see where I answered the question to “Who’s the most influential person in my life?” I mentioned my father because of how kind he is. I’d say I’m blessed to have learned how valuable kindness is from such an early age and not just from my dad but from a few people whose names I don’t remember (they were strangers) but I can never forget them, I hope they’re doing okay.

Illustration Art by Asja Boros

But, I started to grow up and kind of started losing faith in humanity, it was like there was no point in being kind to anyone anymore. It was so frustrating, doing some good today and hearing or seeing worse happen the next day.

Back in secondary school, whenever I prayed, I’d ask God to give me the grace to be kind to someone that day. I don’t seem to do that anymore, I still try to be kind though, because I know how bad it can be but seeing people being mean to one another is sad and makes me want to forget it all.

But I try so hard to focus on the good, I know there are good people out there, I’ve met them and I see a bunch online. These are the people I’ve decided to give my attention to. Hateful comments/words/actions and so on will still always hurt and make me mad or sad but there is still goodness and kindness out there and I’m going to focus on that.

Image from Pinterest

It’s not just enough to pay attention and hope more people would be kinder to one another, I’d also keep trying to be kind/good to people when I can and it’s not because they could be fighting battles no one is aware of. I feel that there shouldn’t be any reason for you to be kind/good to someone. Just be kind. That’s all.

Image from Pinterest

I know people tend to walk over kind people sometimes, I’ve been there…in those cases, I’d usually cut those people off. It saves both parties time and energy if you ask me. I believe that you can be kind and set boundaries. And while you’re being kind to others be kind yourself too <3.

Happy new month!!

Have an amazing week ahead❤.

P.S. There’s this page on Instagram, Humans of New York that I absolutely love. People share their stories on there and it’s beautiful and amazing how they’re choose to share them with random strangers on the internet. I love to read the stories Brandon (the photographer and creator) shares on the page.

My favorite one would be this one where someone shared a story of her dad asking that one of his paintings of an artist, reaches the artist. When Brandon shared the story on his page, people offered to help contact the artist and of course the painting reached the artist.

Humans of New York is one of the few good places I love to be at. It gives me hope. I hope it gives you, too. If you love to read stories (where people are vulnerable) and feel you’ll connect to some of them, I suggest you follow the page (if you use Instagram).

Thanks for reading.

Stay safe.


  1. I totally agree ~ kindness needn’t reasons~ i really enjoyed reading this reminder! Thank you so much! Also thank you for sharing that IG acc! I really love the idea behind it~ gonna read it religiously from now on~🥰💝

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      1. Yes and because i enjoy your pieces i nominated to you to the ideal inspirational blogger award! 🙈 so please accept my humble nomination~🥰🌷


  2. Hello, I am Ominiran Bukola. I am also a Blogger and I so so love your blog. I follow everything you write and I love how they touch the personal me. I just posted a blog post that I got the idea from your post titled, “A day in the life of a former boarding school student.” I did a public school student version and I would love for you to check it out. I also helped to advertise that your boarding blog post by sharing the link on WhatsApp. I do hope you would check it out. Here is the link . Thank you ❤️ l_ennette

    On Tue, Sep 1, 2020, 3:45 AM Introvert Next Door wrote:

    > [image: ✨]Introvert Next Door[image: ✨] posted: ” It costs nothing to be > kind. Hey guys. I hope you guys are doing great! I’ve been in a kind of > funk lately and have been feeling overwhelmed as well but I’m trying to > keep it together. These six words are self explanatory, aren’t they? If y” >

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    1. Hi Omimiran!!
      Thank you so much🤧❤. Your comment just made my day, I’m happy to know I inspired your post! I can’t wait to read it and thank you for sharing on your whatsapp, it means alot❤. Thank you!!❤


  3. I enjoyed this post! It is like a breathe of fresh air. Yes, be kind for no reason. I love that you mentioned how to also be kind to yourself. Sometimes we forget that but we need it too.

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  4. This is such an uplifting post and I could really relate to a lot of it. As I got older and I think especially in my teen years I truly felt like there is so much bad out there and I too lost my faith in humanity. I think my mistake was that I was focusing on the negativity but when you begin growing up and realise just how much bad is out there it can be extremely overwhelming and I am a pretty sensitive person in general. Now I too try to focus on more positive things because I know that although there are bad people out there in the world there are also so many good people out there. And those good people and good things are what we need to focus on.

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  5. It was Mother Teresa who said, ” If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.”
    I pray we never stop being kind. In this world where negativity can draw you away from that… it remains a key aspect of hope and happiness 💚

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  6. In a world full of so much negativity and a period where there are more bad days than the good ones, it’s important to remain kind. It’s a virtue I also pray for because it’s too easy to be the opposite. People often take the kindness of others for granted.
    I like that you follow Humans of NY too. The interesting story of Bobby Love is my favorite to date. Lovely post as always, Ada.
    P.s I nominated you for an award in my last blog post. I hope you check it out when you have time. xx

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    1. It’s so easy to want to be the opposite and it’s struggle now but I’ll keep focusing on the positives and kindness out there. I love all of their posts and currently enjoying the Tanqueray series.
      Ah, I’ll get to it then. Thank you so much. I hope you’ve been well.


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